This cron job sends a request to an API or website of your choice and will alert you if they are down.

Time Frequence

The default template will execute once a day. You can adjust the timing under Conditions in the top action block if you want this job to be executed in higher frequency.

HTTP request

Replace with the API or website domain you want to check for. Don’t forget to specify your authentication credentials in your request configuration in case you need any.

Check Status code

The default template uses an If Condition with syntax:

  • {{steps.get-status-code.outputs.Status}} = 200

to see if the returned status code is 200.

You can customize this step by either checking for a different status code or using a Switch Condition if you want to check on a more granular level.


In case the status code is anything but a 200 code, you will receive a notification through Slack. You can change this or add additional communication platforms like Email or SMS