Set up transactional emails or create time based campaigns.



This action allows you to send email messages using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). It is useful for sending transactional emails to your customers, internal alerts or creating email campaigns that run on a time interval.

Set Up

General Settings

Navigate to your integration settings and start configuring your SMTP setup:

  • SMTP Server : Your host or IP address
  • From email address : The email address you want to send emails from
  • Port : Usually 25 or 587
  • Authentication : Your email username and password of that email account

Google Workspace/Gmail Set Up

If you are using Google as your email domain provider, follow these steps to authenticate:

  • SMTP Server :
  • From email address : The email address you want to send emails from
  • Port : 587 (TLS) or 465 (SSL)

For Authentication, select Basic Auth and use the Google account email address as your Username. For the password we need to head to your Google settings:

If your Google account is 2FA protected (which it should!), go to your account settings and visit your App Password Settings.

On this screen, press Select App, choose Other (Custom name) and call it Fastgen

After pressing Generate, Google will display the password in the yellow box. Copy this and use it as the password in your SMTP set up within Fastgen!

If you do not have 2FA enabled, search for “Less secure app acceess” in your Google settings and allow access in case it is not available already. If you can’t find either of the options, please contact your Google Workspace Administrator as they might have disabled them.


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