Streamline your workflow with quick key combinations.

General Shortcuts

Quick access tools to elevate overall productivity and efficiency in the application.

Command Palette (⌘ Cmd+k)

Open a context-sensitive command palette to navigate and perform actions quickly.

Toggle Main Menu ([)

Quickly open or close the main menu for convenient access to various application features.

Navigation Shortcuts

Facilitate swift and intuitive navigation throughout the application’s interface.

Open a New Tab (⌥ Option + t)

Open a new tab to multitask or start a new process within the application.

Close Current Tab (⌥ Option + w)

Close the tab you are currently on to declutter your workspace.

Switch to Previous Tab (⌥ Option + ← Arrow Left)

Navigate to the previous tab for efficient multitasking.

Switch to Next Tab (⌥ Option + → Arrow Right )

Move to the next tab to continue working seamlessly across different tasks.

Switch to Tab by Index (⌥ Option + Number)

Jump directly to a specific tab using its index number for quick access.

Flow Builder Shortcuts

Optimize your workflow in the Flow Builder with these targeted shortcuts.

Zoom In (⌘ Cmd++)

Enlarge the view for a closer look at specific areas of your flow.

Zoom Out (⌘ Cmd+-)

Decrease the view size to see a broader area of your flow.

Reset View (⌘ Cmd+e)

Resets the zoom level to the default view, providing a balanced overview of the flow builder workspace.

Undo (⌘ Cmd+z)

Reverse your last action, a vital tool for error correction.

Redo (⌘ Cmd+ ⇧ Shift + z)

Reapply an undone action, allowing for flexible editing decisions.

Switch to debug mode (⌘ Cmd+d)

Switches view to debug mode.

Switch to build mode (⌘ Cmd+b)

Switches view to debug mode.

Save Changes (⌘ Cmd+s)

Instantly saves any changes made in the current action or editor.

Fast Deploy (⌘ Cmd+ Click on the button)

Skip the confirmation modal and quickly deploys your current flow, allowing for rapid testing and implementation of changes.

Code Editor Shortcuts

Elevate your coding efficiency within the integrated code editor of the Custom Code Action.

Format Code (⇧ Shift + ⌥ Option + f)

Quickly tidy up and format your code, ensuring readability and maintaining coding standards.

Run Script (⌘ Cmd + Enter)

Execute your script instantly to test and validate your code.