At Fastgen, we strive to avoid imposing hard limits wherever possible. Should you encounter any challenges with these limits in your use-case, please reach out to us, and we will collaborate with you to find a suitable solution.

Flow limits

  • Max workflow execution time (timeout): 10 min
  • Max api route execution time (timeout): 60 sec
  • Max custom code action memory: 512 MB

Storage limits

  • Max size per file: 5.49 TB (4.995 TiB)
  • Max file size for single upload: 100 MB (use multi-part upload for larger files)
  • Max file name length: 1024 bytes

Currently, we do not enforce limits on API requests; however, DDoS protection measures are in place. Should your service necessitate a high volume of concurrent requests from the same device, IP, or network, we kindly ask you to reach out to us at for assistance.