Fastgen utilizes a tiered plus usage-based pricing model, which consists of four plans: Free, Starter, Pro, and Team.

Plan Tiers

The Free Plan allows you to explore Fastgen’s functionalities without any initial cost.

The Starter Plan offers more advanced features suitable for growing projects or small businesses, while the Pro Plan is designed for more demanding usage with a higher action limit and additional features. For teams we offer the Team Plan.

Each plan tier comes with a predetermined number of ‘Flow runs’ included each month, allowing you to run your APIs and workflows within these limits.

Flow runs

In Fastgen, a Flow run refers to to an execution of an API endpoint or workflow you have created within the platform. The number of flow runs used when executing an API or workflow depends on how many action blocks are executed.

Action blocks refers to a single execution block within an API route or workflow.

How are flow runs calculated?

The number of flow runs used when executing an API or workflow depends on how many action blocks are executed (except for Flow-Control and Response Blocks, which are free and not counted). Let’s have a look at a few examples as APIs and workflows are calculated slightly different: ‍ If you make a request to an API endpoint, and 10 (or fewer) action blocks are executed in that specific request, it will count as one flow run. If you make a request to an API endpoint and more than 10 (but fewer than 20) action blocks are executed, it will count as two flow runs. Accordingly, 30 action blocks executed will count as three flow runs etc.

Important: if you have an API consisting of 50 action blocks, but only 6 of them are executed in a specific request, it will only count as one flow run.

Workflow flow runs are calculated with the same technique, just with the difference that 5 action blocks executed count as one flow run, 10 action blocks executed count as two flow runs etc.

Requests sent through the Debug Mode will not count towards your flow run limit.

Auto-Increase and Spending Limits

If you find yourself exceeding the action limit for your plan, you have the option to enable auto-increase. With this setting, you will automatically be billed for additional actions used beyond your plan’s limit in the form of buckets - groups of additional actions for a fixed price.

However, to protect you from unexpected costs, we also offer a ‘spending limit’ feature. You can set a maximum spending limit for the usage-based component of your billing (note: this limit only applies to additional actions beyond your plan’s limit and not to the fixed tier price). Once your usage reaches this limit, the ‘auto-increase’ feature will be blocked, ensuring you don’t incur additional charges.

This system gives you control over your spending while ensuring that your workflows continue to run smoothly, even if your usage increases unexpectedly.

Unused flow runs do not roll over to the next billing cycle. Each month, your flow run limit resets based on the plan you are subscribed to.

Subscription Cancellation

If you ever need to cancel your paid subscription, the process is straightforward. Simply downgrade your account to the ‘Free’ plan using the billing interface in your account settings. This will stop any future billing and your account will revert to the capabilities and limits of the Free plan.