IP whitelisting enhances database security by permitting connections exclusively from pre-approved IP addresses, effectively blocking unauthorized access. This method enables you to specify access for single IP addresses, contiguous IP ranges, or both, using CIDR notation. Unless otherwise configured by the user, only ‘fastgen’ is allowed to connect to the database, and all other access will be blocked. Implementing IP whitelisting is strongly advised for production environments to safeguard data integrity.

IP addresses will be whitelisted for all databases across all projects within a workspace.

Personal IP

For direct database access through a client, we recommend consistently updating your connection by using the “Add my current IP” button. Keep in mind that your local IP address may change periodically.


CIDR notation

CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) notation is a method used to define ranges of IP addresses in network management. It is presented in the format of an IP address, followed by a slash, and then a number (e.g., The number after the slash represents the size of the address block, providing a compact way to specify a large range of IP addresses. CIDR notation allows for efficiently specifying a block of IP addresses, especially useful for larger networks or subnets. This can be advantageous when managing access to branches with numerous potential users, such as in a large development team or a company-wide network.