Public Bucket

As described in the Create bucket section, setting your bucket public will create a custom domain for it.

You can access it by using this url schema:


You can see this url to any file by either using the File Storage UI and clicking on the item you want to see the url of.

You can then see it directly in the listed object meta data under the URL section, or you can copy it to your clipboard by clicking on Generate link.

Using the File Storage Action, you can use the GetFile route to generate the url from your APIs or workflows.

Private Bucket

Anything stored in private buckets is not accessible via a public url. There is no custom domain generated for a private bucket.

You can access an asset inside a private bucket only by generating a signed url, again, either through the File Storage UI, or the File Storage Action.

In the File Storage UI, click on the file you want to get the link of, and click on Generate link. This will add a presigned url to your clipboard.

This in turn will then return you a presigned URL instead of the custom domain. The default expiration time for an URL generated through the UI is 15 minutes.