Upload Limits

Data storage per bucketUnlimited, but see Workspace Limits below
Object size4.995 TiB
Maximum upload size*4.995 GiB
Maximum upload parts10,000

*The max upload size applies to uploading a file in a single request or uploading a part of a multipart upload.

Limits specified in MiB (mebibyte), GiB (gibibyte), or TiB (tebibyte) are based on base-2 measurements. For example, 1 GiB equals 2³⁰ bytes (or 1024³ bytes), which differs from 1 GB (gigabyte) that equals 10⁹ bytes (or 1000³ bytes).

Worspace Limits

Your overall storage limits are dependent on the pricing tier you are currently in. Each pricing tier has a specific free quota.

If you want to exceed your free quota on any given plan, you need to enable autoincrease in the billing settings. Each additional GB of storage costs 0.02$. You can also set a maximum spending limit, that stops the autoincrease once it is reached.

The pricing will be based on the maximum storage amount you have used in any given billing cycle. So f.e. if you currently use 10GB, but the maximum storage you have used in the current billing cycle was 15GB, you will be charged on the 15GB.

Pricing PlanFree limit per month
Free1 GB
Starter10 GB
Pro50 GB
Team100 GB