Complete User Management for your application.

In this tutorial, we’ll give you quick rundown on our User Managemment Hub to get started.

User Management

Fastgen’s User Management feature allows you to seamlessly manage end-user authentication for your projects.

  • Hosted User Management: Quickly set up and manage end-user authentication with our comprehensive user management hub.
  • Built-in Authentication Endpoints: Utilize built-in API endpoints for user account management, two-factor authentication setup, password resets, and more, ensuring secure access to your application.


The User Management feature serves as your central hub for all tasks related to end users. Here, you’ll find a robust set of features that empower you to create User Auth, hosted login & sign up pages as well as manage individual users.

This page focuses on our User Management Hub itself, you can find further information on how Authentication generally works within Fastgen in our Authentication Overview.

For specific user actions such as creating, updating, or managing user roles within your workflow or API, please refer to our User Action page. This page focuses on direct interactions with individual user accounts, complementing the broader capabilities featured here in the User Management Hub.

User list view

The list view shows all your endusers while providing you with a key functionalities for user-related actions. You are able to filter, create or update user profiles, block, unblock or delete user access as needed. Additionally you can reset user passwords and initiate email verification processes

Fastgen-hosted Authentication pages

While we also provide direct API access to create and manage your users, the hosted authentication pages provides you with a batteries-included, secure and customizable login, signup, and password reset interfaces for your users. You can redirect users to these pages to facilitate these actions.

Please note, enabling Allow user sign ups in the settings tab is essential for utilizing the hosted signup pages. However, this setting does not impact the execution of user actions within your application’s workflows.

Custom Domains

Additionally, you have the option to access our hosted authentication pages using a custom domain. By simply pointing the CNAME (Canonical Name) record of your domain’s DNS settings to ‘,’ you can integrate our authentication pages into your own domain. This functionality not only allows you to maintain a consistent branding experience while leveraging the power of our authentication services but also allows for cookie based user sessions.

It’s worth noting that while the setup process is quick and straightforward, it may take a few minutes for the SSL certificate to be generated and the secure HTTPS connection to be established.

Workflow trigger

For extra control and automation, you can combine Fastgen workflows with specific authentication events. This lets you send email verification messages through your preferred email service provider or track user signups and logins programmatically. You can register workflows onto the following triggers:

The workflow triggers Email Verification request, Password reset request and Email change request all provide the redirect url through the event payload. Send this url via an email to the user to let him click on it and the user will be redirected back over the hosted auth pages (if enabled) to complete the password reset / email verification / email change process. To find more about these events and their payload head to the Auth System Events Documentation

Connecting third-party auth providers

Authentication API

We provide a suite of API routes specifically designed for authentication purposes. These routes cover everything from user sign-up to session management.

  • Email-based Sign Up/In: Enable users to sign up or sign in using their email addresses.
  • Email Verification: Verify user email addresses as part of the authentication process.
  • Session Renewal: Manage and renew user sessions to maintain continuous authentication.
  • User Identity: Retrieve user identity information.
  • Logout: Allow users to securely log out of the application.

Fastgen’s authentication capabilities are designed to provide maximum security while offering flexibility to suit various project requirements. Explore our subpages for detailed documentation on each aspect of authentication within Fastgen.