Authentication is a crucial aspect of application security, particularly for applications that handle sensitive data. Fastgen provides robust authentication options to ensure secure access to your APIs and manage user authentication efficiently.

Authentication Methods

Fastgen offers three primary methods to safeguard your API endpoints:

Public Access

  • Unrestricted Access: The Public option allows open access to the API endpoint, making it accessible to anyone on the internet. This setting is suitable for endpoints that do not contain sensitive information.

API Token Protection

  • Secured by API Tokens: Secure your endpoints by requiring pre-defined API tokens. Requests must include one of your API tokens in the Authorization header, formatted as Authorization: Bearer <token>.
  • Learn More about API & Integration Tokens

User Authentication

  • Access for Authenticated Users: This option ensures that only users with valid login credentials can access the endpoint. Currently, the ‘Default User’ group is the only available option, which permits access to logged-in users with an active session from your project domain.

User Management

Fastgen’s User Management feature allows you to seamlessly manage end-user authentication for your projects.

  • Hosted User Management: Quickly set up and manage end-user authentication with our comprehensive user management hub.
  • Built-in Authentication Endpoints: Utilize built-in API endpoints for user account management, two-factor authentication setup, password resets, and more, ensuring secure access to your application.
  • Explore the User Management Hub

Authentication API

We provide a suite of API routes specifically designed for authentication purposes. These routes cover everything from user sign-up to session management.

  • Email-based Sign Up/In: Enable users to sign up or sign in using their email addresses.
  • Email Verification: Verify user email addresses as part of the authentication process.
  • Session Renewal: Manage and renew user sessions to maintain continuous authentication.
  • User Identity: Retrieve user identity information.
  • Logout: Allow users to securely log out of the application.

Fastgen’s authentication capabilities are designed to provide maximum security while offering flexibility to suit various project requirements. Explore our subpages for detailed documentation on each aspect of authentication within Fastgen.