Store and manage data with a hosted Postgres Database.


Every Fastgen project comes with its own dedicated PostgreSQL Database. Within this database you can create unlimited tables to manage and store data records of your application.

You have two ways of interacting with the database:

  • Programmatically, through the DB Query Action within your APIs & workflows

  • Manually, to make edits directly in the UI

Creating a table

Navigate to Database on the left side bar and click Add table in the top right.

Give your new table a unique name, specify columns settings and create a new table with a click of a button.

Every table includes system columns which automatically track essential information for each record in the table.

Column Settings

You can apply individual data validation settings for each column you add to your table. Specify the column data type, which columns are required, have to be unique in name as well as Min - Max values. Index will improve the query performance for a record. Regex patterns allow you to add customized data validation rules.Note: There is no validation if a data entry for an email column is actually an email.

Connect your own DB

If you already have an existing database set up, you have the option to replace the default hosted database with your own PostgreSQL instance.

Navigate to Project Settings and select External Database to enter your database credentials. Once the connection is enabled, you can use the DB QUERY ACTION in your APIs & Workflows to interact with the connected database and its corresponding tables.